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The Chantal Claire Hager Foundation was established to help individuals with eating disorders and related social issues. Support will be made through qualified charities whose purpose is to help individuals with eating disorders, substance abuse issues, and other disorders including individuals with dual diagnosis of such disorders and addictions. Support may also be made to help educate young people, parents and families about the devastating impact of anorexia, bulimia, and associated addictions. Such support for charitable purposes and disbursement from the Fund shall be made in support of such purposes within Section 501(c) and 509 (a) and the Code of the Internal Revenue Service.

Donations can be made to The Chantal Claire Hager Charitable Foundation Fund through the Community Foundation of Western Nevada

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Our beautiful daughter and sister Chantal Claire Hager passed away unexpectedly on Sunday, April 3 at UC Davis Medical Center at the age of 19. She was born to Robert Rene Hager and Elaine Claire Hager in Reno on March 9, 1992. Chantal was a bright, compassionate and wonderful young woman who will be forever missed by her family and friends.

Chantal attended Mt. Rose Elementary School and Coral Academy of Science where she graduated from high school in 2010. As a child, Chantal was full of energy and learned to hold her own with her three older brothers. A natural entertainer, she would stand on the coffee table at the age of three and sing to the music playing on the stereo holding a broom as though it were a microphone. Chantal had a knack for making people smile and always seemed to know when someone in the family was down and needed lifting up. Chantal seemed to make friends with everyone she met, and she loved playing with her friends and having them spend weekends at her home. She would spend endless hours in the pool with her friends during the summer, and in the winter, Chantal and her girlfriends would play dress-up and pile up pillows to jump over as if they were horses. When people spent time with Chantal, they were blessed by the presence of a girl who truly wanted them to have fun with her. Chantal made other people happy.

Chantal loved her horse "Cash", and for years learning to jump her horse was what she enjoyed the most. Chantal enjoyed competing, and she won many hunter-jumper competitions. Her high-spirited Thoroughbred was a perfect match for Chantal given her energy and zest for life.

Although she was the "baby sister", in so many ways Chantal was the soul of the family. Chantal's positive energy and naturally inquisitive nature brought people to life, and her vulnerabilities caused others to reflect upon their own existence. Chantal planned to be a psychologist in order to help others deal with challenges in their lives. Her deep care for others was matched by how deeply her feelings could be hurt, something understood by those who knew her well.



Impact Panel

Addiction is a progressive disease that affect the entire family structure. Modern recovery approaches deal with the family and friends as well as the addict. It is important to NOT shield the addict from the consequences of their using behavior. (Referred to as "enabling.") Not enabling the addict may help them become willing to seek help.


Free Monday Night Group Session

One-hour group session conducted by therapist Elizabeth Harrison. The group session is free. Funding provided by the Chantal Claire Hager Foundation.
Interested persons must be assessed by Elizabeth before joining the group. The assessment cost is $70. Contact Elizabeth at 775-322-7771 or


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